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Samples and Integration Ideas for Wixie

There are endless opportunities for successfully integrating Wixie into your classroom curriculum to support student learning. With Wixie students can explore existing activities that teach and assess student understanding as well as create original work that demonstrates comprehension of classroom topics.
Wixie Common Core Guides


Resource Kits

Tech4Learning has developed a series of resource kits designed to help you integrate Wixie to achieve specific curriculum and learning goals.
Wixie Common Core Guides
Meet curriculum goals through creativity.
Wixie Texas TEKS Guides
Meet curriculum goals through creativity.
Wixie Va SOL Guides
Meet curriculum goals through creativity.
Building Literacy in Elementary
New approaches through creative technology in the Primary Classroom.
Enhancing Treasures Reading
Technology extension ideas for grades 2–6
Enhancing Houghton Mifflin Journeys reading program
Technology extension ideas for grades 2–6.


View Wixie lessons on Creative Educator.
Creative Educator lessons for Wixie provide high-level ideas for engaging students in the curriculum while building creativity, communication, and critical thinking.
Wixie Lessons on Creative Educator

Articles and Resources

These articles provide ideas and instructions for Wixie classroom integration.
NETS for Students and Wixie
Project ideas, activities, and features you can use in Wixie to meet ISTE NETS for Students.
cloud-computing article
Discusses how cloud-based tools are giving K-12 collaboration efforts a boost. By Marty Weil  —  June 10, 2011
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