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Draw your own cartoons with Frames

Who doesn't love cartoons? Frames makes it easy to illustrate characters and scenes to animate original cartoons.

Creating your own animated cartoons is a snap with drawing tools, clip art, and path animation options. Multiple sound tracks make it easy to combine narration, sound effects, and background music for cartooning fun.

Draw your characters

Frames includes a range of vector drawing tools, making it easy to create and edit your own characters, objects, and scenes.

Illustrated characters

Animate objects along a path

Use path animation options to add movement quickly and easily. With options for timing, zoom, and speed it is easy to create movement without adding individual frames.

Animating an object along a path

Add characters and backgrounds from the Library

Frames includes a media library with thousands of clip art files, backgrounds, sound effects, and music. Search for what you need, add it to your frame, and start animating.

Clip art library

Clone frames and align objects with onion skin

Use the Clone button to rapidly make a copy of your existing frame and then work with the onion skin feature to line up your characters and objects for seamless movement.

Aligning frames

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