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Comparing Pixie for Mac/Win, iPad, and Android

Across devices, Pixie lets your elementary students paint pictures, add images, edit text, and record sounds.

Device differences & development schedules mean that versions may not be in exact parity.

Pixie for iPad Pixie for Android Pixie for Mac/Win
iPad Android Win | Mac
ePub3 Export
Assign a Default Sticker Folder to Activities
Add Page Instructions
Backgrounds Library
Create Widescreen Projects
Save and Open Files to K12share
Print Preview Multiple Sheets
Print Specific Pages and Number of Copies
Print Avery Sizes
Import Pages from Activities
Import Pages from Pics4Learning
Import Pages from K12Share
Turn off Object Scaling Handles
Preference to Hide Sticker Names
Duck Background Sounds
Multiple Page Documents
Real Time Project Collaboration
Open Pixie Tablet App Files
Open Wixie Files
Touch UI Mode
Publish to K12Share.com
Interactive Full-Screen Mode
Detect Attached Digital Cameras n/a n/a
Crayon, Marker, and Dry Brush Paint Tools
Import Pages From Files
Pics4learning in the Stickers Library
Perspective and Reflection Shadow Options
Repeat a Page when Printing
Scaling Text And Text Objects
Spell Check All Pages in a Project
Add Student Names to Pages
Video Export
Online Curriculum Activities Library
Online Clip Art Library
Spanish and French Support
Print Multiple Pages per Sheet
Small Screen UI Mode (Netbooks)
Capture Stickers From A Camera
Change Color of Spray, Roller, & Stamp Art
Symmetry Options For Paint Brush
Convert Painted Art To A Sticker
Shrinking Lasso Tool
Free Rotate Stickers
Thought Bubbles For Text Objects
Inline Spell Checking
Speak Tooltips, Text, & Object Descriptions
Add Clip Art and Paint Pictures
Add Images to Text
Add Shadows to Selections
Add, Edit, and Format Text
Add and Record Sounds
Image Export
HTML Export
Full-Screen Slide Show
Print Pictures
Save Documents as Activities
Image Effects
Managed User Support
Open images from Pics4Learning
Page Rulers and Guides
Rotate and Flip Selections
Intellikeys Keyboard Support


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Download a 30-day evaluation of Pixie

Complete the form to download a 30-day evaluation version of this engaging elementary tool.

The 30-day evaluation version is a fully-functioning version of the software. Your 30 days begin the first day you use the software.